Shot of the front of RJ's warehouse


What is RJ's Discount Sales?

RJ's Discount sells pallets and truckloads of department store liquidations, damaged merchandise, salvaged surplus merchandise, overstock merchandise, and customer returns.

What is salvage and Customer returned merchandise?

Basically, anything that gets returned by a customer back to a department store is considered a "customer return" - even if there is nothing wrong with the item. Once the package is opened the item can't be sold as new by the department store. That's where we come in.

Are all the items in the pallets working?

These items were initially returned for some reason - wrong size, wrong color, non-working, missing a piece - but a lot of these items are perfectly fine. The salability of the items is really up to YOU. All stores are different, as are customer and preferences. Many have no problem with a scratch or dent, while some of our customer prefers shelf-pull items only. We DO NOT test any items and all loads are sold "AS IS", with no guarantees. Many truckloads ship without a manifest.

Do you accept returns or offer refunds?

All sales are final and merchandise is sold "AS IS." No returns. No refunds. No exchanges. No Credits. Buying salvage truckloads come with inherent risks. The price of the truckload reflects the "throw-away" you might encounter.

Where do the truckloads come from?

The loads come directly from the processing centers centers. The loads are processed, picked, and loaded at these sites and not from our warehouse in Topeka. That way you can be sure the loads are "raw" and not filtered in any way.

What is FOB?

FOB (freight on board) indicated the original shipping location. We attempt to find a processing location close yo you location to reduce your shipping dollar.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept (prefer) Bank Wires, Money Orders, Visa, & MasterCard.

How do I find information about what merchadise is on a truckload or what is on a pallet?

If we have pallet information we will certainly share that with you. Some truckloads have manifests, but many do not.

Can I buy just 1 pallet?

If we have a pallet in our warehouse that interests you just call us to arrange for payment and shipping. We cannot send just 1 pallet from any of the processing centers. Those loads are sold in various pallet counts. Some are small (8-10) while others can be quite large (40+).

What will my shipping costs be?

We use several shipping companies to offer more choice and better value for you shipping dollar. The cost is determined from the distance between fob point and destination, the price of fuel, and the availability of trucks. That is why we ask for shipping quotes from many different shippers.

Please contact us with any other questions about your future loads!